Report on the first lecture of the Thought Leadership Forum held at DSIMS on Saturday 30th August 2014

The event had three speakers-senior professionals from the Public and Private Sector who gave the assembled audience their insights and persectives on the theme : “You can achieve what you think”.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Director Dr C Babu, who explained the rationale underpinning the theme.

The first speaker, Mr C Srinivas, President-Strategy & HR, Piramal Enterprises Ltd delivered an inspirational lecture which touched upon different aspects like career planning, developing a positive attitude, having a clear vision and set of aspirations, as also adhering to a bold approach at work. He included several anecdotes from his own career at Piramal Industries, which resonated with the audience.

The second speaker, Mr Kamlesh Kumar Srivastava, ex-member, Traffic/Railway Board, gave the audience some interesting insights into his career as a civilian official assigned to the armed forces. He spoke at length about the importance of being clear-sighted, guarding one’s flanks and networking effectively to achieve one’s career goals.

The third speaker was Mr Krishna Gopal, Global Head-Talent Management Sales, Tech Mahindra. He spoke knowledgeably about the importance of charting one%u2019s career path carefully, marshalling one’s resources, relentlessly pursuing one’s goals and being prepared to take advantage of opportunities that life gives us all.

The event which was well attended by students, faculty and staff, ended with a very interesting Q&A session, moderated by Dr Sarita Vichore.