Celebration of 150th Gandhi Jayanti

Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS) has celebrated 150th years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday with activities spreading from 2nd October to 5th October 2018 . At the occasion of concluding ceremony the special guest to honour the events? was Dr Rajam Pillai,an eminent academician who has been associated with the Mani Bhawan.

The competitions like skit based on Gandhiji%u2019s life,, poster making, slogan writing and elocution were held for a duration of four days. The theme of these competitions was based on the principles, values and the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Skit and elocution were performed live on the day of the final event in front of the judges, professors, students and staff.

The event started with a beautifully designed video on “The life of Gandhiji” by the students of DSIMS. It was a wonderful combination of his childhood to adulthood followed by the evolution of Gandhiji into the “Mahatma”.

It was followed by a skit performance based on how a student who had bad habits gets influenced by Gandhiji. He studies overnight about Gandhiji and his life principles, thereby hallucinating about Gandhiji’s presence when he is about to do something wrong. The skit managed to give everyone goosebumps when they saw how the character of Gandhiji acted as a person’s conscience does.

Next came the thought provoking elocution competition. The participants gave wonderful two minute speeches based on the theme. Here the audience heard powerful, intrinsically driven thoughts that were shared by the participants. The feeling of motivation was exhilarating.

The event ended with words of guidance and experience from the chief guest Dr. Rajam Pillai, director Dr. C. Babu and Dean Dr. Sharad Kumar followed by announcement of the winners. The creative work produced by the participants has been displayed throughout the campus. Dr Sanchita Banerji and Dr Shailja Badra had very well coordinated the event. It has been decided that DSIMS will continue to celebrate the 150th Year of Gandhi Jayanti till 2nd October 2019.