Code of Professional Ethics

Code of Professional Ethics

Scope of an employee’s service

Unless it is otherwise distinctly provided, the whole time of an employee shall be at the disposal of the Institute and he shall serve the Institute in such capacity and at such place as he may from time to time be directed.

Liability to abide by Regulations and Orders

Every employee shall conform to and abide by these Regulations and shall observe, comply with and obey all orders and directions which may from time to time be given to him by any person or persons under whose jurisdiction, superintendence or control he may for the time being be placed .

Obligation to maintain secrecy

  1. Every employee shall maintain strictest secrecy regarding the DSGS’s affairs and shall not divulge or disclose, directly or indirectly, any information of a confidential nature or relating to the working of the DSGS to a member of the public or of the DSGS’s employees or to his friends or relatives, unless compelled to do so by judicial or other authority, or unless instructed to do so by a superior officer in the discharge of his duties.
  2. No employee shall make use of any information emanating from the DSlMS or otherwise, which has come to his knowledge in the discharge of his official duties for his personal benefit or for the benefit of his friends or relatives.

Employees to promote DSGS’s interest

  1. Every employee shall serve the DSGS honestly and faithfully and shall use his utmost endeavors to promote the interests of the DSGS and shall show utmost courtesy and attention in all transactions and dealings with the public, between the students and the DSI MS
  2. Every employee shall at all times: –
    1. Maintain absolute integrity, good conduct and discipline ;
    2. Maintain devotion and diligence to duty; and
    3. Do nothing which is unbecoming of an employee / a public servant.
  3. No employee shall in his official dealings with the public or otherwise adopt dilatory tactics or willfully cause delays in disposal of the work assigned to him.
  4. No employee, shall, in the performance of his official duties or in the exercise of powers conferred on him, act otherwise than in his best judgment except when he is acting under the direction of his superior.
  5. Every employee shall take all possible steps to ensure the integrity and devotion to duty of all persons for the time being under his control and authority.