B-School Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS) organized the annual finance conclave FINANCIA’18 embarking on the theme “FinTech: Emerging Trends”. Every year the student club of Finance at DSIMS takes up a theme of topical interest in the domain of finance and conducts student events as well as a conclave on the theme under the leadership of a finance faculty as a convener, this year Dr. Nehal Joshipura and the finance faculty team.
The 7th edition of Financia this year witnessed an amazing set of Industry Experts. The conclave began with the welcome speech by Dr. Sarita Vichore, HoD Finance Dept, and Dr. Nehal Joshipura along with the finance department at DSIMS. Dr. Sarita introduced the audience to the finance clud FinDs and the activities of the department. Dr. Nehal demystified the theme FinTech highlighting about the prospects and challenges for new FinTech organizations in various sub-domains of financial services taking a new shape. She cited the World Economic Forum’s reports on the upcoming trends in the industry as the industry is embracing the technology. Mr. Satyen Jadega- Associate Director, IBM Financial Services. Mr. Satyen Jadeja spoke about changing modes of delivering financial services. He spoke about the ways in which the shares are dealt within the market and what new opportunities finance specialists will have in the days to come. He also spoke about blockchain being a revolution in the finance sector specifically for the banks. Mr. Rajesh Lahori- Head Cash Management Product, RBL Bank spoke about the whole banking sector and the way things have changed now. He spoke about how technology was resisted earlier by a lot of bank employees and now it’s actually aiding the whole banking industry. He also mentioned that RBI should take some strong steps towards regulating Fintech bringing in more digitalization. Mr. Manoj Varma, Head Product Management, Lyra India spoke in detail about the new developments in the domain of payments in India and abroad. He spoke about the changes in payment gateways and how it is facilitating
the change of the financial sector. He went on to say that the demonetization period was a big boost to enhance and establish these gateways as a safe mode of transaction. Mr. Gajendra Kothari, MD & CEO, Etica Wealth Management spoke about the latest trends in wealth management industry in US and India. He spoke about how robo-advisors for wealth management are reshaping the industry and how it will help in bringing security accuracy and safety. Mr. Vaibhav Shah, Sr. Vice President – ORO Wealth spoke more on the general aspects of personal finance and how his company is now adopting various technologies to outstand in the competition.
Financia’18 also had some amazing inter-collegiate competitions such as “Mock Stock”. Mock Stock is a simulated trading experience in which participants are put through thrilling real-time competition to show abilities to beat others. “FinQ” was an inter-collegiate quiz competition. FinQ had exciting, entertaining and truly testing quizzes in the domain of finance. “XL-Ninja” was a new inter-collegiate competition started this year as a part of Financia. In XL-Ninja, the participants got an opportunity to play with the spreadsheet formulae and models to have fun and decode finance data. All these events saw overwhelmingly good participation from b-school students from various parts of the country. The events were planned not only with the agenda of fun and frolic but with the primary motive being learning. Financia’18 also had daily online daily quiz to generate an interest in the theme and the conclave, which again had very enthusiast participation. Financia’18 also had a creatives team who displayed their creativity in the form of hand creatives portraying “Evolution of Money ” and the concept of “Smart City.”