A Talk by Ms. Celia Gates, UK

ECell-SOCH, DSIMS’s Entrepreneurship Cell, had organized the Talk of Ms. Celia Gates, the UK based entrepreneur, intrapreneur, an author the much coveted book, “From Brainwave To Business”, and the creator of “Global Brainstorm” & “Whether.to”. Having developed Doctor Cook cookware and won the British Consumer Invention of the Year Award, Having qualified with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology Ms.Celia started her career in creative consultancy quickly rising the ranks to become the Design Director of Imperial International before branching out on her own. Celia trained as a coach with the Glazer Kennedy Institute, Baltimore, US in 2008 and worked alongside Tony Robbins’ chief UK coach, Brigitte Summer before applying her lateral thinking skills to create the Whether Forecast and found the Global Brainstorm as a way to help others better collaborate by engaging with more of their unique, ingenious minds.

Ms. Gates, while addressing to an overflowed seminar hall of DSIMS,started with an exercise of the ‘happiness circle’, which, she said,remains a full circle for a fully happy person, while for the rest, there can be hexagons or octagons, depending upon one’s temperament,and perspective towards others.

She then moved on to “Whether System”, the tool, designed by her for lateral and literal thinking, which is based on the four parameters viz.- say what you think, broaden perspective, collaborate constructively, and reaching the right decision in record time. She specified that traditionally decision making was confined only to two dimensional with one plus and one minus, which has now shifted to the permutations of plus & minus. She, further added, that traditionally truth was absolute which has now become relative; which was elucidated by her with an example of number 6 vs. 9; which, for a person on one side is seen as 6 but for one on an opposite side, is seen as 9! By citing this wonderful example, she arrived at an inference that every individual should opt to see his/her own vis- – vis other person’s perspective, for conflict resolution and greater understanding; as most of the mistakes are errors of perspective!

Finally, she illustrated Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping, followed by illuminating on Sun mindset, Rain mindset, Rainbow mindset, Wind mindset,and Snow mindset, thereby enabling an individual percolate one’s thinking so as to arrive at an exact value of one’s thoughts. The session was enriching in terms of building perspective and apt decision making in different contexts of life and business.