Blood Donation Camp

On 4th March 2016, Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies, Malad West (DSIMS) in association with Rotary Club organized a Blood Donation Drive, where in a large number of donors appeared to donate blood and contribute towards a noble cause.

The event was held between 10am to 4 pm, during which this cause received 88 donors to support their initiative. The whole atmosphere was a beautiful one wherein the crowd was excited to be a part of this initiative. People from the corporate in and around the vicinity of the college, college students, teaching and the non-teaching staff came forward to contribute towards the blood donation drive. Each donor was awarded with a certificate as a token of appreciation and a donor card.

Awareness Sessions on Health And Hygiene

MMS HR Students conducted awareness sessions on Health and grooming for students of Sarvodaya School. Students of 5th and 6th grade of Sarvodaya Balika Vidyalaya were invited to DSIMS for attending sessions on various topics which included discipline, obedience, basic personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness, swach bharat abhiyan, healthy eating habits, good food, and safety. Various videos were shown on the aforementioned topics to enlighten the students about the same. The facilitators (MMS-HR students) explained the meaning and importance of inculcating these good habits in our daily lives. Power point presentations along with a few animated videos were shown to the students.

These sessions were conducted for a duration of one and a half hour each and turned out to be fruitful for the Sarvodaya school students as they got the learn about various important topics such as personal hygiene, grooming, discipline, good habits, greetings etc.

English Classes

Four training sessions were conducted in Sarvodaya School between 9th to 23rd January, 2017. During these sessions Vth and VIth standard Sarvodaya school students were trained about the English language skills. The response of the students was good as they actively participated in the discussions and were interested in listening to it throughout the session, a small recap was taken at the end of each session in which the students answered questions regarding the topics discussed. These sessions were also attended by few of the teachers of the school as well. They appreciated the efforts of the facilitators as well as the content delivered.