Meet The Celebrity

Mr Shyamal Majumdar , Executive Editor, Business Standard authored highly acclaimed book, ” BUSINESS BATTLES”. He was invited in the Session entitled ” Meet the Celebrity”held in Seminar Hall on Friday, 10 Oct from 11-30 am to 1-00pm to have an interactive Session on his book.

Faculty Members, Final Year PG & MMS students & invited Guests attended this program. Mr Majumdar in his introductory remarks mentioned the challenges faced by family managed business in India prior to independance, pre & post liberaliisation era. The origin of Family Feuds has similarity with other industrialised Countries in the Globe. He briefly mentioned about some interesting features of family disputes in 10 families figured in the book & the painstaking efforts taken by him in collecting authentic information.

Prior to this event, our students attended presentation by teams covering all 10 stories & kept ready questions for this Session. Mr Majumdar answered these questions very aptly ; the session was highly interactive & very interesting.