Message from the Director of Schools

Message from the Director of Schools

Dear students and parents,
Greetings to all of you.
The last academic year began with the news that MBIS had been recognised as one of the top international schools in Mumbai. This year, with a change in the school’s leadership, we hope to take the good work done in the past ahead and scale new heights.

With over two decades of experience in international schools, I have come to believe strongly that the goal of an educational institution should be to create an environment in which every child is able to achieve full potential. With a state of the art infrastructre and highly committed, experienced and well trained teachers and a curricular and co-curricular programme that is diverse and exciting, MBIS already offers such an environment to its students. In the years to come we will build upon this by adopting the best in international pedagogy and tailoring it to suit the needs of students at MBIS.

The soul of a school resides in its learning environments. These are the classrooms, the school library, the IT and science labs and areas for co-curricular activities. Our dedicated team of teachers energise these environments and work with our students to make them independent and life-long learners who are ready to sensitively face the challenges of a fast globalising world with a deep awareness of the issues involved.

Our students will become independent learners only if our teachers excel in their work, have a passion for teaching and are constantly involved in improving their practice. To this end MBIS seeks to hire the best teachers and has a system of continuous and supportive appraisal that identifies our teachers’ strengths and areas for improvement and work with them with in-house and external training to make them excellent practitioners of the profession.

And most significantly, parents, recognising that this is not my school or your school but our school, we have initiatives that involve you as active participants in the school’s entire programme – acdemic as well as co-curricular. A PTA that meets regularly and has a strong say in planning and execution of the school’s programmes is an inherent part of the school’s fabric.

A learning walk through the corridors and classrooms of the school leaves one with a buzz of anticipation. A school that has built itself a good name with hard work is on the cusp of something extraordinary.

Nitin Padte
Director of Schools