Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies


Placement Policy

1. The student will have to fulfill all of the following criteria to be eligible to take part in the placement process :

a. He/she should have completed the Mock Interviews and all other interventions/preparatory sessions/workshops arranged to facilitate placement, both under MIM and those organized separately.

b. He/she should have no existing backlog in all the previous semesters. If a backlog exists, it will have to be cleared by the student before he/she is allowed to participate in the process.

c. He/she should have a minimum of 75% attendance in the current semester as mandated.

d. He/she should have attended minimum 75% MiM sessions staggered across the semesters.

e. He/she should have pass grade in the Manager in Making sessions.


2. In addition to the above, students will be disqualified from the placement process for the following reasons:

a. Inaccurate or deliberately falsified data on resume..

b. Complaint from an organization regarding irresponsible or delinquent behavior during the selection process.

c. Rejecting an offer from an organization after having gone through the selection process

d. Trying to have direct contact with any organization (or its HRD personnel) where the engagement has been arranged by the Institute for final/summer placement.

e. Violating the Code of Conduct laid down by the Institute

f. Remaining absent from the selection process for three consecutive placement opportunities/ placement processes for which they have been nominated and shortlisted.

3. A student receiving one final placement offer will have to step out of the placement process so that other students may have a fair chance of getting placed.

4. Students who wish to opt for their own placement should give their declaration before the start of the Final Placement Process. Such students would be deemed to have opted out of the placement process for 2017-19.

5. For all placement opportunities above Rs 3.60 Lacs CTC, where, it is deemed necessary by the Placement Department on account of inadequate number of voluntary application, students will be nominated by the respective HODs based on assessment of fitment with the job description/resource needs of the organization. HODs will take cognizance of academic performance, skill sets and aptitude, participation in MiM interventions and adherence to the Code of Conduct. (Any self-nomination done by the students for placement opportunities below Rs 3 Lacs CTC will not be counted as an opportunity given).

6. Wherever substantive differences are noticed between the original Job Description forwarded by an organization and the terms & conditions in the offer letter subsequently received by the selected students, the Placement Department will intervene as required to iron out the differences. Such interventions will be carried out at the discretion of the Chairperson – Corporate Relations & Placement.

7. The attempt will be to give each student five appropriate placement opportunities. These opportunities will include those where the student has voluntarily applied or where he/she has been nominated by the respective HODs. Student grading rules will apply for the same. If any student is not placed within these, he/she will be given further opportunities only after all other students in the domain have been given at least four opportunities each.

8. All Pre-Placement Offers (PPO’s) should be routed through the Placement Office. Students accepting the PPO’s should submit a copy of the offer letter to the Placement Office. Such students will be considered as placed.

9. Students who have to travel to attend interviews will have to do so at their own cost.

10. The decision of the Director/Dean, Chairperson-Corporate Relations & Placement and HODs in any matter related to placement shall be final and binding on the student.

11. Any student found violating the Placement Policy and Guidelines will be barred from the Campus Placement process.


Placement Guidelines

1. The students should prepare their CVs in the approved format given by the Placement Department.

2. The “Student Co-ordinator”/student placement team, who is/are in charge of placement activities should facilitate submission of resumes along with student database in excel sheet format well before the beginning of placement season for the academic year.

3. Students should be dressed formally and should follow the Code of Conduct during the entire evaluation process including the Pre-Placement Briefing and GD / PI. The Dress Code for males and females will be plain light colour/white shirt with trousers, tie/scarf and blazers with formal shoes. Jeans and sports shoes are not allowed.

4. Code of conduct

  • Be punctual and neatly groomed
  • The dress code should be strictly followed
  • Maintain discipline and decorum at all times.
  • Carry the latest hard copy of the updated CV for campus placements.
  • Carry a synopsis of the Summer Internship Projects done by the student.
  • Carry a letter from the Institute permitting participation in the selection process.
  • Do a comprehensive background check about the company’s business and expansion plans so as to be prepared with relevant information about the company.
  • Carry their ID-Cards for the PPT / GD / PI processes whether conducted on-campus or off-campus
  • Reach the venue, at least 30 minutes in advance for PPT as well as GD / PI on the specified date and time notified by the company/Placement Team.

5. The students attending the selection process must clear all their doubts and queries regarding job profile, location etc. during the process of PPT/Interview.

6. The students who travel out of Mumbai during the Placement season and consequently miss out on opportunities for interviews arranged through the Institute would not be given another opportunity to appear for the same. Such instances will be counted as a placement opportunity given to the students.

7. The students should maintain transparency with the Placement Department.

8. Students who are in the Placement Committee should take full responsibility for coordination in areas of corporate engagement, corporate outreach activities allotted, providing necessary feedback to the Placement Team without delay, communicating with the student applicants and generally operating in a responsible and committed manner.