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Rural Immersion

Rural Immersion for PGDM Ist year students of 2022 – 24 Batch

DSGS Ist year year PGDM students went for Rural Immersion in and around villages near Dahanu from 23rd of January 2023 to 25th of January 2023. Total 38 students were accompanied by 3 faculties.

Day 1 of the rural immersion started with students’ visit to Kadupada village. First students visited a Klin unit and a brick manufacturing unit. Then, students were taken to vegetable and fruits farms, followed by a speech was delivered by Mr. Satish Deshmukh, Gram Vikas Adhikari of Dhaniwari village. Post lunch, students visited the garment manufacturing and sewing unit run by Mahalaxmi Mahila Adarsh Sanstha, This SHG works for Ms. Anita Dongre who is a famous Fashion designer. Students had a look on advanced technology sewing and weaving machines.


On day 2 of the immersion students visited Ganjad village. The day kick started with Mr. Abhijit Desak a young and dynamic Sarpanch of the village. His expressed his views on a vision to turn this village into an ideal village. Then, the team headed towards the house of a warli artist, Mr. Rajesh Mor. The origin of the Warli paintings was Ganjad village and the fineness of that art didn’t limit any boundries. After that, the students visited two women Self Help Groups (SHGs). First was Unnati group engaged in manufacturing of maslas and pickles and the second group was in the process of manufacturing paper plates and paper cups.


On day 3, the students visited Adani thermal power plant in Dahanu. It is a big plant which has two units producing 250 MW electricity (Capacity of 2 x 250 MW). Students were first taken to the model room where prototypes of plant was kept and briefing from official was done. The last leg of the immersion was visit to balloon manufacturing unit. Students saw actual manufacturing of balloon from latex solution.

Rural Immersion for PGDM IInd year students of 2021 – 23 Batch

DSGS IInd year PGDM students went for Rural Immersion in and around villages near Dahanu from 19th of December 2022 to 21st of December 2022. Total 47 students were accompanied by 4 faculties.

On the first day, the students visited a self-help group involved in stitching and sewing in Dhaniwari village. This was followed by the students’ visit to Kadupada village where different farms related to vegetables and fruits were shown to them, also Kiln (brick manufacturing) and Apiculture (honey bee breeding) units and live demonstrations were shown by concerned persons. A speech was delivered by Mr. Deshmukh, Gram Vikas Adhikari, Dhaniwari village.

On the second day, the students visited Cottage Hospital in Dahanu. Two sernior doctors accompanied the students and explained the functioning of the hospital by taking rounds of OPD as well IPD units. This was followed by a session by medical superintendent of Cottage Hospital, Dahanu. Afterwards, the students went to Ganjaad village, here, they got an opportunity to meet, interact and observe Warli paintings, by visiting the artisan’s home. This was followed by two separate SHG units viz. masala manufacturing unit and pater plate manufacturing unit. In the evening, Sarpanch of the village, through his speech, gave insights on governmental initiatives for development of rural areas.

On the third day, the students went to prawn breeding farm where the farmer explained how prawns cultivation and sales of prawns are done. From there, the students went to Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Kosbaad village. Here, faculties of KVK took the students to agricultural museum, followed by bio-pesticides lab, weather station, plant nurseries, bakery unit, animal husbandry unit, medical plants unit. In the last phase of Rural Immersion students visited balloon  manufacturing unit, where the students learnt how from raw materials (latex) used in manufacturing of balloons, to checking, packing and dispatch of balloons is done.


DSIMS Rural Immersion 2018

Every year, students of Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS) undergo Rural Immersion. Every rural immersion involves a visit to rural areas of a district for experiential learning about life and economic activities in rural areas, which many students living in urban areas are not acquainted with. Through these immersions, DSIMS students get an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, self-employment, micro-finance, the functioning of supply chains and environmental sustainability practiced in villages of our country and challenges faced by them.

In November & December 2018, DSIMS students visited rural areas of Anand district of Gujarat. During the immersion, manufacture of butter and milk powder by Amul, hand-weaving and packaging of spices by members of SEWA (a self-help group), a tobacco co-operative operating successfully since six decades, organic farming of bananas and potatoes and, manufacture of chocolates by Amul. They also learnt about activities of National Dairy Development Board (which has been pivotal in the development of co-operatives in various states) and learnt how students can gain rural-oriented management education at the Institute of Rural Management.

The DSIMS students returned to Mumbai, richer in knowledge and experience about our rural countrymen.