Summer Internship - DSGS

Summer Internship

Students are encouraged at DSGS to carry out in-house research projects as a part of their course curriculum in the form of Summer Internship Projects (SIP). The Summer Internship Project is a twelve-week process between mid-April and mid-July, in which students undertake live projects in the relevant disciplines in the Corporate sector with the guidance of a Faculty mentor and an Industry mentor and produce an analytical report that reflects a deep understanding of the project topic. The twelve week process gives better depth in understanding corporate processes and practices. It aims to bridge the gap between Industry and the Institution, sensitize students to  the culture, nuances and rigor of a work environment, opportunity to apply the concepts learned in the classroom to real life situations, opportunity to network with corporate professionals useful for better career prospects. The students are placed in companies like Motilal Oswal, Piramal Industries, Team Global Logistics Private limited, Crisil, Siyaram Silk Mills etc.


The students of PGDM at DSGS undergo the SIP process after completion of the 3rd trimester. The successful completion and submission of the project report carries 100 marks and is an essential part of the curriculum for the completion of PGDM program.


Even in the pandemic situation prevailing since March 2020, DSGS has been able to successfully conduct SIPs  for eight weeks with the help of corporate and in-house faculty mentors.


Through the successful completion of the Summer Internship Project the institute aims to develop analytical skills, research orientation, and problem solving capabilities. The rigorous evaluation of the SIPs executed by the students includes assessment by the Faculty mentor assisted by feedback from the Industry mentor and a comprehensive viva. The institute also holds an SIP competition which is judged by Industry veterans. The winners are felicitated with rewards and nominated for national level competitions.