Report For Copa De,19

Copa De is an Inter-College event by the Versus i.e. the sports committee of DSIMS. In this event the sports  played are Football & Cricket, which are the 2 most appealing sports in India. Various B-schools participate  in this event, most of the B-schools are from area around i.e. from Mumbai Suburbs, City and from Navi  Mumbai. The event was been conducted on 27,28 & 30th December, 2019. On the 1st day i.e. 27th December 2019 all of the football league matches would be completed, same on the 2nd day i.e. 28th December,2019 all of the Cricket League matches would be played and on the last day i.e. 30th December,2019 the semi-finals and finals were been conducted.  

On the first day the Inauguration ceremony was been conducted all the members of Versus Committee  reported at the time of 7.30 in the morning near the turf at DSIMS. At the Inauguration, few kind words  were spoken by our Sports Faculty and Mentor Prof. Ruchika Shokeen. Her words inspired every member  of versus committee to excel in their work and also helped us to perform our best. 

In Group A there were teams from Lala Lajpatrai Institue of Management Studies, N.L. Dalmia and 2 teams  from DSIMS i.e. DSIMS 1 & 3. 

In Group B there were teams from Welingkar, IBS and 2 teams of DSIMS i.e. DSIMS 2 & 4. Welingkar  focused more on the long passes and showed a bit of unfair game which did fire backed to them as they  lost all of the games. IBS had a very good strategy which led them to get qualify towards semi-finals i.e. to  use man-man marking using short passes and strong defensive methods. They won every match in the  leagues using same strategies. 

On Day 2 the league matches continued with cricket teams in play, 2 groups were been made each  comprising of 5 teams each .In Group A, St. Francis, DSIMS 1 &2, Raheja 1 and PTVA i.e. Parle tilak vidyalay  these teams played. In Group B, NL Dalmia, IBS, Raheja 2 and DSIMS 3&4 played the leagues 

On day 3 The Semi-Finals among the Football team were conducted and started at 8am.  The finals was played between the best team comprising of IBS and DSIMS  

The stakes were high as the final was underway and previous match injuries did affect the speed and  positioning of players of DSIMS. There was a rough play going on with couple of yellow cards and many  warnings given to IBS and DSIMS team. Within the few seconds of 2nd half there was 2 pass goal made by  DSIMS 1 team after which they focused on wasting the time which showed increased aggressiveness in IBS  Team and faced a foul of red card by their goalkeeper which made them faced another goal by the end.  DSIMS won the finals by 2-0.  

In the cricket finals St. Francis team showed a great performance and emerged a s the strongest defeating  DSIMS. 

The closing ceremony happened on 30th December and the prize distribution ceremony for the winners  and championship of various sports was conducted at the hands of our honourable Director, Dr. C. Babu.

Versus 2020 

Versus is an intra-college sports event for the students of DSIMS, wherein the sports played are Football, Cricket,  Badminton, Dodgeball, Throwball, Volleyball, Athletics etc. It took place across four days-11th, 12th, 13th and  15th of February 2020. 

The inauguration took place on 11th February. On day one, the DSIMS faculties competed against each other in  the Versus Premier League (VPL) – a fun game of cricket where the faculties were represented by their team of  students. This was followed by Badminton – the sport with the highest number of participants this year. 

The second day, conducted at the Sports Authority of India ground, began with men’s open cricket and was  followed by track and field events in the stadium- Shotput, Discus Throw and Relays. 

The third day, conducted at RSET’s Turf, began with Box Cricket followed by Dodgeball, Throwball and Volleyball. 

On the last day, students played games like Carrom, PS4, PUBG, Chess, Table-Tennis, and Arm Wrestling, at the  DSIMS campus. 

FYPGDM-B won the ‘Best Class 2020’ trophy and Mr. Mithil Ghadi was awarded as the ‘Sportsperson of the Year’  with 5 gold medals.