4 Rational Ways To Become A Better Manager

4 Rational Ways To Become A Better Manager


Competent managers are the foundation of a company’s success, building and shaping the talent base of their organization. They have their team’s best interest in mind, which leads to long-lasting professional relationships. The best managers are adept at performing both tasks and can effectively leverage each team’s abilities to create a successful company. To do this, effective managers employ soft skills and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a new way of thinking about the world. As a result, it can lead to greater success in every aspect of life. The Matrix of Emotional Intelligence provides the knowledge and tools that will help you harness your emotions to create successful relationships and become a more effective manager and the best manager in any firm, according to science, are those that possess emotional intelligence and its four fundamental competencies, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Find out what it takes to be a good manager:

  • Communicate effectively : Your team is your greatest asset. They should be listened to and encouraged. By listening to what your team have to say about their work and the company as a whole, you’ll be able to identify areas where there is room for improvement. And by communicating these results, you can motivate your team and increase productivity.Managers who are not good listeners lose good employees.
  • Set clear goals : The first step to setting realistic goals is to identify what you and your team need from one another. If you’re a manager expecting too much of a team member or vice versa, be sure that you discuss the issue openly and honestly with the other person before developing an effective strategy or assigning tasks to them. Your team won’t work at their peak capacity unless they have clear goals to strive for. Managers must successfully delegate both the responsibility and authority necessary to execute the task. Do not tightly regulate and micromanage anything you do. Simply give your staff the assignment, and trust them to finish it.
  • Create a positive work environment : Encouraging a team of diverse individuals to reach their full potential can be a challenge. However, you can ensure that each and every employee is satisfied and valued by creating an atmosphere of respect and appreciation. By modelling positive behaviour and creating team-building exercises, you can encourage your team to maintain an upbeat, enjoyable workplace environment. Team building activities give you the opportunity to get together and connect, with the aim of improving your team’s morale. It’s important to have fun but also acknowledge that it can be hard work, so why not reward yourself sometimes? Introduce a theme and make celebrations a natural part of your team’s routine.
  • Appreciate new ideas and approaches : It’s your job as a manager to expand the company and create new products, markets and services. As such, you need to be adaptable, flexible and open to change. That’s where staff ideas come into play. The team are frequently great at coming up with innovative ideas that their colleagues might not have considered. Give them a voice in the decision-making process! By doing so, you’re giving your team a chance to have some of their own input on the changes that are taking place and growing your organization. The team will be more likely to stay if they sense a sense of security and pride in being part of the organization.


To gain the most out of your team and bring your business to new heights, management must set an example. This is where managers should start. Effective managers require strong leadership and communication skills, as well as a positive attitude towards work, which helps to improve productivity and boost the morale of their employees. In order for workers to perform to the best of their abilities, management must set an example and promote a healthy work environment.