Add exceptional value to family-owned businesses with DSIMS FMB programs

Add exceptional value to family-owned businesses with DSIMS FMB programs

Family business is the oldest and most common model of economic organization. The vast majority of businesses throughout the world—from corner shops to multinational publicly listed organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees—can be considered family businesses.

A family business is a commercial organisation in which multiple generations of a family, linked by blood, marriage, or adoption, have the power to influence the business’s vision and the willingness to utilise this authority to pursue diverse goals.

For that reason, DSGS’s FMB course gives you the opportunity to know and apply best practices, taking into account entrepreneurship and innovation models that will allow you to take advantage of the strengths that possess the family business, in order to create a suitable business for the next generations.

Nowadays, family businesses are indispensable in our economy. However, it is very important to identify the tools and strategies of success that allow them to transcend in a competitive environment. All this is in order for you to know the instruments and components that involve leading and orchestrating the family business: the future vision of the business family, the development of the next generations and the formation of an effective and flexible family and business government. All the knowledge acquired in this course of business administration can be applied in the family business.

To ensure that the family business transcends and the company is sustained over time, in this FMB course, you will have the opportunity to understand the complexity of family and business dynamics, reflect on the roles and ways of thinking of the family’s leader and make a diagnosis of entrepreneurship.

In this family-managed business course, you will have the opportunity to know the instruments and components that involve entrepreneurship; from ideation, market validation and value proposition, to presenting your sales plan to attract investors (Business Pitch).

Are you willing to create a career in your family’s business? Whether you want to build a family business or assist an existing one, you need the right education to get there, such as a Family Managed Business (FMB) course, which will help you grow personally and professionally while also bringing out new aspects of business expansion.

Discover how the DSGS FMB course may give you useful, cutting-edge business education.