DSGS – Ensuring Quality Education

DSGS – Ensuring Quality Education

Education plays a vital role in advancing human and societal well-being. It also contributes to the economic development and growth of the nation. The system of knowledge dissemination and exchange in India has charted a fairly interesting trajectory. In the years following 1947, several institutes of excellence were set up by the government to ensure students were able to receive higher education within the borders of the country.

21st-century school education ought to be capable of teaching students how to deal with unpredictability and change. Education in India has seen a paradigm shift in recent times. There was once a time when the guru, his knowledge and experience were considered infallible and total. Today, education is witnessing unprecedented scrutiny from all parts of society. The world is transforming at a previously inconceivable pace. We must now understand that we are preparing ourselves for the unknown, unseen and unpredictable. This is not easy to digest. Accordingly, 21st-century school education needs to be capable of teaching students how to deal with unpredictability and change.

The goal of modern education is to focus on ensuring that our children would be problem solvers, decision-makers, and enablers. Students must leave school with life skills that help them navigate challenges even if they don’t understand the solutions to them. Most importantly, they need to be satisfied working with people around them who have different backgrounds and life experiences collaboratively.

There is nearly no field of pursuit left that is unidimensional or individualistic. Even if you take the most intense example of a sportsperson seeking an individual sport such as tennis or athletics, they need to interface with psychologists, trainers, big data technologists, etc and work together as a team.

The modern teaching methodology is focused on thinking and analytical skills. The transferable abstract thinking skills and reflective observation in students help in developing future careers. The process involves the use of project making, field trips, and facing challenges in a controlled environment. It is the bedrock of future success as it bridges the gap between learning and doing. The discrepancy between theory and practice is overcome. The learning curve is enhanced, and the methodology is instrumental in producing a demonstrable mindset and behavioural changes.

It lays the foundation for holistic educational practices that create an environment that facilitates lifelong learning, engages the student’s natural curiosity and boosts retention dramatically. The assessment system is also stronger and helps evaluate the core strengths and areas of improvement for every child on a personal level with the use of the modern methodology.

Established in the year 1948, RSET or Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust is a registered public charitable trust. With an aim to promote various educational, charitable and social activities, the trust has pioneered in providing educational opportunities to various sections of society. During the last six decades and more, RSET has played a very vital role in promoting and providing better education from primary to post-graduation in the fields of Commerce, Management, Information Technology and Media Studies. Apart from its educational pursuits, Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust also caters to the social and humanitarian needs of the community. At present more than 15,000 students are receiving education in various educational institutions run by the Trust.

Founded by RSET and grown under the mentorship of DSIMS, Durgadevi Saraf Global Business School (DSGS) maintains a beneficial and healthy faculty-student relationship that concentrates not only on academics but on the overall well-being of the students. The management of the DSGS believes that effective governance is the key to providing quality education. In order to meet this aim, the staff contributes to the academic and non-academic activities of the institute. This empowerment propels the staff to provide every student with a high-quality learning experience. We impart soft skills and life skills and guide our students from day one with strong and innovative pedagogy. DSGS has been formed with the ambitious objectives of growing proficient expertise and skilled manpower in all the major functional areas of management. DSGS strives to maintain our legacy of imparting profound & top-class education with state-of-the-art infrastructure.