How can I get into MBA?

How can I get into MBA?

Getting into MBA program involves a few simple steps but it demands a great amount of preparation and guidance to get into best of the B-Schools.

All over the world, graduates are eligible to apply for MBA program. However, the world’s best B-Schools demand a good score of entrance test, work experience, letter of recommendations to get admissions.

In India almost all B-Schools admit students without work experience though a few B-Schools give weightage for experience at the time of admission.

Graduates, first of all have to appear for any one of the entrance examinations CAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, CET, IBSAT to name a few. These entrance examinations evaluate communication, aptitude, analytical and logical skills of MBA aspirants. There are many national level coaching institutes such as IMS, TIME that offer three to six month courses to prepare students to get good score in such entrance tests.

After obtaining good scores, MBA aspirants receive calls for personal interviews and group discussions. By and large, a student with good test score and communication skills get through personal interviews and group discussions in most of the B-Schools. But some B-Schools look for some more attributes like student’s propensity to contribute for the upliftment of underprivileged society.

B-Schools like S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, IRMA would look for candidate’s genuine interest in serving the society. They look for some past records of student’s contribution in the fields of social development.

But, most of the other B-Schools generally look for entrance scores and good performance in group discussions and personal interviews.

MBA aspirants should prepare at least for six months before appearing for any of the entrance tests. They can either prepare with preparatory materials available in the market places or with the help of guided counselling from any of the coaching institutes.

Student should look for admission circulars or advertisements of their preferred BSchools. Generally, these advertisements appear in the national newspapers between the month of November and March. They should apply to these B-Schools once their score of entrance test is obtained from entrance test bodies.

-by Dr. Chidambaram Babu, Director