What is MBA all about?

What is MBA all about?

MBA is a special program meant for anybody and everybody who is looking for special skills and knowledge to manage and lead any private, government, profit oriented and not for profit organizations.

Organizations of different sizes always have job openings from entry level to top levels. MBA College equip candidates to successfully acquire required skill sets and knowledge – be it managing people or understanding nuances of financial aspects or perspectives of global businesses or intricacies of supply chain management or detailed insights of consumers or any stakeholders of organizations that deal with products and services.

MBA program prepares a graduate with basic theoretical underpinnings of management fundamentals. During MBA programs participants learn many finer aspects of soft skills such as communication, presentations skills, interview skills, negotiation skills, significance of team dynamics, besides other important ingredients of Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations management etc.

MBA program is widely acknowledged by the industries because it equips the candidates to smoothly transcend from the institute to industry to achieve the envisioned milestones of the employer.

Good B-Schools understand the exact requirements of potential recruiting industries with their deep connections and research. These B-Schools design their curriculum to hone requisite skills and knowledge of the candidates. That preparation makes MBA students’ transition from the institute to industry smooth.

-by Dr. Chidambaram Babu, Director