Management Education Role of a Student

Management Education Role of a Student

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The Student who enrolls in the program PGDM needs to be very clear about his goals and objectives. The training and teaching-learning for this program are through a trimester/semester pattern that is very dynamic and requires rigor. The selection process is meticulous and the students are tested on their aptitude, general knowledge, confidence, and attitude. Once, the student clears the same with a certain grade, then an opportunity is provided from the select Higher Education Institution to be admitted for initiation and completion of the Post–Graduate Program in Management.

Once, this process is over, the student’s responsibility is of utmost importance. The student needs to train themselves to be ready to take up the rigor and achieve their set targets and goals. The pedagogy requires the students to be avid readers, good communicators, sincere, learner attitude, and above all good team players.

The above are the norms that a student who sets the goals needs to prioritize achieving the same while mastering the game of learner-centric approach. This approach is required to develop a character of grit which helps the student to climb up the ladder in their corporate life.

The major skills that a corporate expects at the time of placement are written and verbal communication, good knowledge of sectors, good attitude, learnability skills, interest in the area of the specialization, research aptitude, and proactive- ness.

The management school allows the students through a relevant pedagogy, to develop each of these skills in and outside the classroom initiatives and activities, which are also termed in-bound and out-bound activities and initiatives. The student must take advantage of the same and build a personality that would fetch them the results that they desired for themselves when they entered the program. Focus is very important for management students. Since priorities are to be defined achieving the goals would be easier with clarity and focus.

The journey of going through the process of management education is enriched with peer group learning, participating in inter and intra-college activities, and being aware and acquainted with global and local business scenarios. This puts the impetus on the hard work of the future leader and manager. As it’s granted, there is no alternative to handwork! The responsibility of the student undergoing management education to build a domain-centric career with hard work and a good attitude is most important!