Smart MBA -Coaching Leadership Flair for the Visionary

Smart MBA -Coaching Leadership Flair for the Visionary

The time has changed, since Covid -19 the leadership style that is appreciated is more of transformational leadership style. In the transformational leadership style which has got accolades is the term Coaching Leadership.

Today’s management students, the ones who are pursuing MBA or PGDM, must be aware of the existing leadership styles as they evolve in their profession. MBA/PGDM definitely gives exposure to the different business situations so as develop decision making skills. But decision making becomes more complex with the changing Macro and Micro economic, Industry and geopolitical situations. To cater to the dynamic business environment a leader needs to be not only proactive but also a mentor. This have been proved time and again by the business which sustained all such economic, Industry and geopolitical cycles. One of the leadership styles which has gained momentum in today’s time is, defined by Paul Hershey and Kenneth Blanchard in the 1960s, Coaching Leadership. This style of leadership involves motivating employees to perform better, appreciating the strengths of the employees and accepting them inclusively with their weaknesses. The following points must be considered while implementing the style of Coaching Leadership.

  1. Define area of improvement: – It’s important to know the personalities and attitudes of the employees with whom you are engaged in a professional environment. This helps in strategizing the course of action to achieve professional, mutual and individual targets and goals.
  2. Neutralize the environment: – With compassion and genuinity the leader must discuss about the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. With a certain amount of motivation and a through constructive feedback goes a long way to achieve the set objectives.
  3. Individual communication: – Making the employees feel important, take time out for each one and try and have a one-o –one conversation. This helps in building trust in the professional environment.
  4. Cognizant: – Learning to be a better coach every day is a challenge. You must engage in learning the new techniques in becoming more effective coach. Always take out time to reflect and prepare.
  5. Purpose driven life: – The life of a coach is purpose driven. Living in the moment is important, so as to advice the employees in the moment. Secondly nudging is an important art, it is a parameter to seek the work done in a more conducive environment.

The Coaching leadership is about transforming, reinventing the corporate culture to support the key business imperatives. Thus, it’s a tool to build and sustain a powerful leadership and talent culture in support of achieving the corporate vision.

The benefits of this leadership style for the Management graduates pursuing higher education like MBA/PGDM, is Empowered work force, increased productivity and positive work culture environment. In this way free thinking is supported along with heightened awareness at the organization.

For the future business leaders it is imperative to know about coaching leadership especially to those who are taking and would like to pursue in future MBA/PGDM education to understand and implement the leadership style which is successful and sustainable.