A talk on Supply Chain Management in the Health Care Industry by Dr David Zepeda

As a part of Global Quest initiative, DSIMS organised an International Guest Session on 29 April, 2016. A distinguished Professor and a prolific Researcher Dr David Zepeda of D’Amore McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts delivered a session on Supply Chain Management in Health Care Industry.

Dr Zepeda highlighted the criticality of managing technology & resources across health care supply chain. Empirical data reveals that health care sector lags behind in supply chain performance in comparison to other industries. He summarised his address by reflecting on effective management of supply chain risk through horizontal inter organisational arrangements among hospitals on their inventory costs.

He compared Indian health care with their global peers and showed a few relatively new Indian hospitals have devised ways of providing world class health care at ultra low cost with quality comparable to best in class USA & EU hospitals. A Hi end & research based presentation of Dr Zepeda was indeed a value addition for our DSIMS fraternity.