Parent Feedback

Ojal was literally bubbling with excitement and information when she walked out of school today. Appreciation for giving kids the opportunity to watch live, with prior briefing by Grade 11 student.Please give my thanks to that student too.

Let’s hope we get to watch the next 2 successful steps(2nd and 6th Sept respectively).

Parent Name: Rupali Khanvilkar

Child Name: Ojal Khanvilkar (Grade 6)

I would like to thank the school for organizing this fun learning activity for us. It achieved it’s purpose on multiple fronts –

1. I, as a parent, got to know how well my child has grasped some of the fundamental language concepts.
2. My child was thrilled to see me at school and excited to work on the games with me.
3. It gave us an opportunity to interact and have a fun time with other parents.
4. Last, but not least – it taught me a few things about the language that I did not know!
Good job done on the concept and organization.

Parent Name: Anupama Rao

Child Name: (Grade 2)

Thanks a ton for organizing this super fun language fest. Enjoyed it totally..!! Special kudos to you teachers for coming up with these amazing concepts and cut outs making concepts so lively and full of fun..!! Can very well see the tremendous amount of efforts put in each and every activity..!!
Even the efforts taken by grade 5 students in explaining each and every game to us & to the kids were amazing..!!
Really loved singing nursery rhymes in between the games..!!
Thanks MBIS for always coming up with creative ways to get us parents involved in our kid’s schoolie life..!! Can never be enough thankful to you team MBIS..!!

Parent Name: Amrita Engineer

Child Name: Ansh Engineer (Grade 1)

Congratulations on another superb day! Once again it was great to see the enthusiastic kids of M.B.I.S. I really loved the interaction with the students and watching their little faces light up as each of them explained their project.
Thanks to all the teachers, who puts in so much effort to make an event successful.
I hope it just keeps getting better and better each year.
Thanking you

Parent Name: Alpa Bubna

Child Name: Sia Bubna, Ved Bubna (Grade 8, 6)

At the onset, please accept my sincere apologies for sending in this mail earlier, post committing to do the same.
Let me begin by congratulating you for the Wonderful English Language Fest, that was conducted at the School.
In our daily work lives, where we are surrounded by Meetings, Conference calls and Vendor meets, wherein we work so hard in ensuring that we do complete justice to our Jobs, we forget the little Joys of Living.
That day I learnt, something very important, “Price less memories are created by those little moments, spent with your little one” and tomorrow, when my little bird has flown away, these memories are what would bring a smile on my face”
So here’s too you for helping me create one more sweet memory

Parent Name: Anoop tawde

Child Name: Vania Tawde (Grade 3)

I attended our school language festival I enjoyed it a lot
This is the best way to show parents that children r learning so much
I will appreciate if some more festivals like this one are conducted
Thanks once again

Parent Name: Madhu Agarwal

Child Name: Diya Agarwal (Grade 1)

I am emailing to show my genuine appreciation for the points that have been raised below.
I personally come from a very “average” school in a small town and the issues you are bringing to the notice of the parents were not even treated as “issues” where I studied. This just shows how thoughtful and well-meaning the culture of the school is, flowing from top to bottom.
At this stage, I would also personally like to thank the physical education teachers- Ms Shruti Sawant & the male teacher (I am sorry I don’t recollect his name) for taking good care of the students and teaching them with enthusiasm as told to me by my son Mahiman.
I feel this is the right opportunity to tell you all that I am deeply satisfied to see your hard work and dedication. Many thanks!

Parent Name: Manan Vaishnav

Child Name: Mahiman Vaishnav (Grade 5)

Would like to take this opportunity to say a big big Thank You for all your efforts and hard work for the children.
I see so much of development in Hridaya in all areas which is why I know how much effort is being put by all of you.
Thank you again!

Parent Name: Pooja Baid

Child Name: Hridaya Baid (Nursery)

Congratulations on the very first TEDx @ MBIS. I attended the session remotly and found is very interesting. As part of my profession I do attend and speak at a number of Industry events, I have to say the TEDx Youth @ MBIS matched the organisation, content and professionalism.
Very glad to see this initiative. Do let me know if you need any support on this. I would love to actively participate.
Congratulations on great job.

Parent Name: Dhaval Dave

Child Name: Vidhi Dave (Grade 8)